Lush-stache Bill

billmustacheHere is my entry for this weeks Illustration Friday.  The word this week was lush, and the first thing I thought of was a mustache and I went with it.  And for further inspiration, I chose to put it on my loose interpretation of Bill Murray.  I hope you enjoy.


One thought on “Lush-stache Bill

  1. Nope–I definitely like the pencil drawing better. It’s WAY more interesting. Do you want to know why? In the pencil drawing, the guy’s eyes were assymmetrical in a very interesting way. These ones are nearly symmetrical. The other guy has a big droopy old-person ear. This one has gotten all small and “nice”. It’s not the cartooning I have a problem with, but the loss of the details that make him unique. This could be anyone (with a mustache like that), but the other one was a very particular person.

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