Moving Day!

Hey Everybody or a few of you. I am moving my blog over to blogger.  you can follow me at  Thanks for watching


Santa sketch


Bill Murray

bill-murrayBill Murray Sketch on the intuos.  Haven’t tried working from scratch.  Fairly happy with the result.

Blue Boy Cobra

IMG_2316Hello everyone.  I thought I’d post another detournment that I worked on at the end of the summer.  I picked this up at a garage sale and it is the biggest piece I’ve manipulated.  When I saw it, I just knew I had to create 1980’s hooded Cobra Commander out of it.  My wife finds this one creepy, but being that she didn’t grow up a boy in the 80’s, the frame of reference is lost.

Illustration Friday – Creature

monsterfriendThis is a piece from sometime last year.  Its another thrift store detournement piece.  When I pulled this off my wall this morning, I totally forgot that I treated it with a layer of modge podge to try and unify my painting with the original.  It kind of worked.  I might try this again on my cobra commander  blue boy painting I finished this summer.  Happy Halloween, everybody!