Bill Murray

bill-murrayBill Murray Sketch on the intuos.  Haven’t tried working from scratch.  Fairly happy with the result.


Since we had an election day yesterday….

2008-02-27So I wrote this strip back in 2008 when we all probably had to stand in long lines to cast our ballots.  Hope your voting went well!

Digital Photo Art

rubylucy3 goose2Here are a few fun pieces I created that involve my kids.  I love taking photographs and manipulating them can be fun too.

I Heart Huckabees Poster

bonnet2I love seeing people create fan posters now a days.  They are so detailed and so good.  If you want to be jelous of someone’s career look at the guys over at mondo.  I’d love for that to be my work.  Alas…Anyway, so I decided to make a poster of my own for the movie I Heart Huckabees (which, btw, is one of my favorite movies).  My hope is that eventually I will create a series of these for each character but for now we start out with Dawn, played by Naomi Watts.

Aviator Bees

bee1 bee2readMy wife is a school teacher, a blogger, and a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers and so we have been working together on building up different products to use in all these places.  One of the things we try and avoid is using clipart so in turn that means that I have to come up with our own images.  One of her powerpoint presentations called for bees involved in reading and writing so I decided to try and see what I could come up with using Illustrator.  The results are so much better than I imagined!