Santa sketch



Illustration Friday – Creature

monsterfriendThis is a piece from sometime last year.  Its another thrift store detournement piece.  When I pulled this off my wall this morning, I totally forgot that I treated it with a layer of modge podge to try and unify my painting with the original.  It kind of worked.  I might try this again on my cobra commander  blue boy painting I finished this summer.  Happy Halloween, everybody!

Illustration Friday : Together

togetherHere is my submission to Illustration Friday.  It’s the underpainting and I wanted to do more but the week caught up to me.  This is my fantasy.  My two girls in harmony of spirit and song.  Maybe someday.  le sigh.

Flashback Friday – Maroons Comics

2008-02-12firstI’ve seen other people do this Flashback Friday bit, so I thought I’d do one of my own.  Years ago, I wrote and drew a comic strip called Maroons.  It followed the lives of Porkpie, Quackmeyer, and Mooseport as they tried their best to live together as roomates.  I only submitted the strip to one publisher and got a response back to try it as a web comic.  I also got the sense from the publisher that the industry was dying and it wasn’t a viable career anymore.  Though my childhood dream of becoming Jim Davis didn’t come true, I did take a crack at it.

Hand Drawings/Module Design

   version1 scenario1_4 scenario2_2 scenario2_1








One of my many hats that I have here at the University of Cincinnati is module developer.  Last year I was brought on to a team of instructors and instructional designers to come up with a “choose your own adventure” style game for a dual enrollment class that was being taught simultaneously in Mexico and here in Cincinnati.  The topic for the game was about the limited rights and options that women have when trying to cross the border here in the US.  I convinced the instructor that doing hand drawn images instead of cherry picked photos would give the whole piece a harsher and gritter feel to it.  She agreed to the design so I set out to work.  This is what I came up with.